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This particular meditation supports the prosperity goal. It provides amazing insight as to how all of us are really as prosperous as we want to be right now.

Here are a couple of notes I found helpful when thinking about the notion of meditation. You will find these points discussed in part A of the audio tapes.

The Goal

A fascinating topic. What is the goal of all of this? Here is the idea that is true for me. It is all about how we want to feel. We want to feel peaceful - but not all the time. We want to feel secure - but not all the time. We want to feel happiness - all the time. I believe this is possible by being connected to our Source. There is a view that through silence you reach The Source or God - God within all of us.

Meditation is part of the process we can invoke to be in the state of feeling like we want to feel even if the "things" we want are not immediately in front of us. Feeling is the key. There are people who survived the most difficult of circumstances because in their mind's eye (the third eye) they were experiencing bliss.

So my current purpose is not to teach all of this but to introduce you to the idea that meditation with a certain focus will help you discover the feelings you want to experience. And this does not mean there is anything wrong with your desires. In fact when you focus on the feelings that come with the idea of having what you want in life and you begin to feel as if you already have those things, you begin to attract to you what you want or manifest those things. That is the fundamental basis of The Law of Attraction.

Wayne Dyer explains more of this very well. The following are several additional notions that may be helpful to understand the power of meditation. Like many I just thought it was a relaxation technique. It is much more than that. Mediation helps you be the person you want to be. Here is how the meditation that is on these recordings work.

1st Key Point:

The Field is the Source of everything. The Field is the term used in Quantum physics. The Field is God. Scientists acknowledge The Field and it vibrates at trillions of times a second. Sound vibrates at 16,000 to 30,000 times per second. Notice the incomprehensible difference in the two. Sound is the intermediary between The Field and form or something that we see feel and touch. Certain sounds are more effective than others in accessing The Field (God) and being able to link from The Field into form or substance which is called manifestation. The sound used in connection with visioning the outcome and desired feeling with that outcome is ahhhh and God. This comes from the study of the many different names of God used by people all over the world.

Next Key Point

The body has two key Chakras. There are actually seven. The two The first of the two is our root chakra which our sex center. This chakra has a channel in the body to the second key chakra is our third eye - the point between our two eyes that represent the center of visualization. When we radiate out energy in the form of visualizing thought from the third eye and we send it out to the world is one of the ways we connect the dots so to speak between The Field and substance. Literally this process can be used to win the lottery as an example. However you will notice on the tape Wayne cautions us that God decides on the details of how things happen. Our job is to create the feelings as if we already have all of what we want whatever that list is. In summary decide what it is that you want and get that picture in thought of that desire already being here for you and focus on the feeling you have whenever it (what you want) shows up. Then as you focus on that feeling in meditation let go of whatever it is that you want or become detached from that "thing" and let the details up to God who knows better than us what we need.

Another reminder: the feelings people are after include wanting to feel secure, safe, happiness, bliss, ecstatic, blessed. The recommended path is to create a vision of what you think creates the feeling - a very clear picture - then detach from the outcome and stay focused on the feeling. Desiring the outcome is fine - just don't mandate that the outcome you have in mind materializes just as you imagine it. What you want is an outcome that delivers the feeling that you want.

Next Key Point

There is a morning or day meditation on the recording and an evening recording. Ahhh and God are used as sounds in the morning and during the day. Ohm is the sound used in connection with the evening meditation which is when you thank God for everything that you experienced during the day including air, water, food, people you encountered, even the small things like a fork, toothpaste, etc. The idea is to demonstrate sincere appreciation for what you have otherwise why would God give you more?.

At the conclusion of the evening meditation the final sound used is the word Shaaaah ----Lohmmmm which combines the two sounds used in the mediations and is the sound most connected to peace and enlightenment.

Finally (for now)

This is all about the flow of energy from your root chakra up the channel of your body out your third eye chakra. The idea is for the energy to flow out to the Universe or Field - your inner Self or God within you is communication with the The Field and the result is ultimately the feelings you desire.


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